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About Us

About Us

We protect you, even when you can't protect  yourself

Estate Protect is an Elder Financial Abuse Prevention Service.  We help ensure that your wishes related to your property, finances, and estates are respected, especially when you are unable to do so yourself.  


Erin MacKenzie JD, MBA is the founder of Estate Protect.  Erin is a lawyer who started her career practicing estate litigation and was surprised by how many of her clients were victims of Elder Financial Abuse.  Litigation is a long and expensive process, and despite best efforts, in many cases it is impossible for victims of Elder Financial Abuse to recover what was stolen from them.  Erin quickly realized that the best solution would be to prevent Elder Financial Abuse from happening in the first place.  Erin founded Estate Protect to protect vulnerable people against Elder Financial Abuse so that they can remain safe and financially secure.    

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