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B.C. man accused of taking $300,000 from elder relative

Charges have been laid against a Delta resident, accused of taking upwards of $300,000 from a senior in his care...She said Robinson had enduring power of attorney, which is how he allegedly accessed the funds.  “We only learned of this because someone got suspicious of some of the activity,” said Robinson.

Christie Blatchford: Court challenge over elderly man’s will may be sign of things to come

But according to Elliot Birnboim, lawyer for Vloyiannitis’s sister, Angelique Koutoumanos, who is contesting the will, from the moment in November of 2010 that the caregivers executed the documents making them Vioyiannitis’s major beneficiaries and giving them power of attorney for both personal care and property, until the former ships worker died, the Crosses were "spending on average $13,000 a month" of his money.


Kitchener man uses power of attorney to defraud elderly mother of life savings

Her son was her power of attorney for both personal care and financials and through those means he was able to defraud her of what has turned out to be over $62,000.


Markham woman dies penniless after son steals life savings

A 60-year-old man will be sentenced next month for defrauding his 90-year-old mother out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, leaving her penniless and heartbroken before her death. David Klimitz was convicted on June 30 of theft over $5,000 and fraud over $5,000. Over three years, he depleted the life savings of his mother, Markham resident Royale Klimitz, forcing her to leave her retirement home. "I will be forever haunted by the memory of the look of horror on my mother’s face when she saw the balance on her TD account was $14.54," Royale’s other son Ron Klimitz said in a victim impact statement he prepared for the sentencing. "Not only had her worst nightmare and fear come true, [but also] it was done by someone she trusted and loved—her son.”


financial abuse costs elderly billions

In all, the Bradleys' estimated cash losses are put at more than $300,000. And the home they lived in for 45 years went into foreclosure. Charles and Katsu Bradley died within a month of each other in 2008 with just $374 in the bank....Somehow Cheesman, the trusted caregiver, was able to do all this without the family finding out. To this day Caroline Moye finds that so hard to believe.


Stealing from mom and dad

"No one is watching or supervising the POA’s actions." She says lawyers who specialize in this area have begun beefing up their documents to provide more protection for the clients. "Our current system of powers of attorney is based on an honour system, which really only works for the people who are honourable. Unfortunately, there are too many people who are not."

Power-of-attorney abuse more common than we think, expert says

"It's common. It's so common, you wouldn't believe it," he told Radio Noon host Janet Stewart on Tuesday..."We don't hear it in the news because seniors don't want to turn in their kids to the police. They don't want to criminalize their kids for theft. All they want is for the crime to stop. So if they come to police or a family member comes to the police, they don't really want charges laid."


Seniors fraud case results in 12-month sentence

According to the admitted facts of the case, Clement was granted power of attorney in December 2011 when his 83-year-old father was hospitalized. Shortly afterwards, nearly $69,000 was transferred from the father’s accounts to pay off a joint line of credit Clement had with his wife. A total of $91,530 was taken from his accounts...The father became aware there was a problem when his supportive housing rent checks bounced. He and a friend went to the bank and discovered his accounts were not only empty but overdrawn.

Avoiding power of attorney fraud

Relatives of an elderly Regina woman only realized there was a problem last winter, when bills at her care home went unpaid.That led police to charge a 48-year-old woman with theft and fraud, alleging she used her power of attorney to steal more than $200,000 dollars from her mother.  Officials at Saskatchewan Justice say they receive six to eight calls a week, from family members and financial institutions concerned about missing money. "Financial abuse by family members is more common than you think," said Ron Kruzeniski, Saskatchewan's Public Guardian and Trustee. "Once you start to withdraw funds over and above your monthly needs, the question is 'why'?"


Power-of-attorney fraud charges laid after senior's life savings drained

Durham Regional Police say a probe was launched April 7 after a Pickering nursing home reported a patient’s fees had not been paid for 10 months and investigators soon discovered the victim was also missing tens of thousands of was allegedly determined the designated power of attorney had been spending the elderly woman’s cash on herself rather than paying her relative’s bill.